About Systems Electrical Services

Family Grown Workmanship

Systems Electrical Services opened for business in 1985.

Back then, we had one van, and all the paperwork happened on the go in between jobs. Over the years, we fought hard to win more and more customers as our business grew.  We’re still serving many of those original clients over 30 years later.

Reputation has always been important to us. Initially, all of our business came from repeat customers and word of mouth. We worked for years to build a character of hard work and going above and beyond what clients expect of us. We give customers the excellence that they would want for their own craft, which means quality, on-time, and efficient labor.

Simply put, we get your project done.

For us, going “over and above” is just what we do. We believe the results speak for us.


We have the workforce and expertise to take jobs of any size.

Our team knows how challenging it can be to find and solve issues caused by electrical problems. We’re also keenly aware of how unwanted disruptions and delays can cost your business productivity, money, and customers. You can count on us to provide swift, on-time, and high-quality services that eliminate your problems and don’t break the bank.

The Right Tools for the Job

We recently refit our entire operation, which means we’re ready to go with the state-of-the-art equipment necessary to complete commercial and industrial projects. You can breathe easy knowing that a trained professional is on the job with all the tools they need.

Bring Us Any Project

We’ve serviced retail locations, restaurants, manufacturing and production facilities, plants, and many other clients that require intensive, high-quality electrical systems. Whatever project you imagine for your business, we can do it.

You can rest assured that you’ll have the best information and service available to help you stay in the know on your electrical needs. Our capable and friendly electricians bring decades of knowledge consulting and working with commercial, industrial, and other specialized environments.

Certifications and Specifications

We’re an open shop, DCAMM certified electrical company that’s licensed to do business in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.